Questions about tea;

Where can I find a list of ingredients and more information about allergies?

  • Our website provides all the information regarding the contents. We use natural ingredients in our products and no artificial additives added. If any irritation occurs seek medical attention right away and keep us informed.


Are your teas gluten-free?

  • Why yes indeed they are!


Are your teas vegan-friendly?

  • Yes! All natural & plant-based.


Do your teas contain any sugar or sweeteners?

  • No sugar or sweeteners are added to our teas. Our website and packages have the nutritional values of the teas displayed on them.


Why do some of your teas contain flavouring?

  • Adding a little flavor to your life is what we aim at! We use natural, plant-based flavour.


How should I store the tea?

  • When not in use, we provide storing options with our packing seal to keep your Clifton Tea as fresh as it can be.  Avoid direct sunlight.


Does tea expire?

  • Yes, please check the packaging.


Are there teas I should avoid while pregnant or breastfeeding?

  • All teas are natural. Getting your doctor's advice is what we recommend.


How do I make the perfect cup of tea?

  • Simply follow the instructions on the package for brewing, given by Clifton Tea and you will have mastered the art of a perfect Clifton Tea cuppa!


Questions about Company;

  • Can I sell Clifton Tea in my spa, restaurant, hotel or café? 

Yes indeed you can!