Silver Tips

Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe

Experience the enchanting mellow flavour courtesy of the forest that borders our Estate with a dash of sweetness, made using the first dhool from the roller bringing you a truly elegant experience.


There’s a fine art to tea, it all lies in the creation process from start to end, and the art of this FBOP tea blends a story of its own. Our Clifton Tea Pickers harvest the right leaves, grown in medium elevation, by a quick and single touch. The leaves are fermented and then baked, keeping the quality in check. Finally our Clifton Tea Tasters appraise the strength, flavour, aroma and appearance of the tea to ensure that the expected quality is met.
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The leaves are separated into a variety of grades such as leaf grade, broken grade, fannings grade and dust grade. This task is achieved by placing them into a series of vibrating screens made of various sized mesh that are electrostatically charged, ridding the tea of stalks and fibers.
Silver Tips

FBOP is able to captivate you from the first sip!

If it’s an extraordinary cup of tea you are after, then this is just the blend you have been searching for!